The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing Part 1

Getting 1000’s of targeted followers

We have decided to help our customers and followers with our tried and true method to twitter marketing. Now I know that this guide may be outdated in a few years or months but it will help you right now. There are 3 parts to this guide. The first part is getting targeted twitter followers. The second part is effective tweeting both automated and manual. The third part is interacting with followers.

The first part is getting 1000’s of targeted twitter followers. What does targeted mean? It is getting the people or potential clients that you want following your twitter account to follow you. Twitter is a great FREE marketing tool as you don’t have to pay for any aspect of it and you can reach 1000’s to millions of people that you potentially want to know about your blog, company or brand. The more targeted people that follow you, the more people that will see your tweets. There are companies and fly by night people and companies that guarantee 1000’s of twitter followers. These companies will get you people to follow you, but the majority won’t be people that will really care or see what you tweet. The method we will help you employ will both get people that you want to see your tweets to follow you. Of course you can’t specifically get ANYONE to follow you. The method we use will work with the bulk method. In order to get people to follow you either you have to have 1. Great viral content consistently 2. You have to follow them. I know that we all aren’t marketing geniuses and even if you do have great content only your followers will see them and if they retweet their followers will see it. So if you have 100 followers and 10 retweet your content it may reach a few 1000. If you have 10000 followers and 100 retweet it you can reach quite a bit more. The point is putting huge effort and time into creating perfect viral content is very very hard. Following TARGETED twitter accounts will be easy. The simple fact about twitter is if you follow someone, most will check out your profile, look at some tweets and pics from your account and decide if they want to follow you. Some ONLY just follow who follow them.  The method works on following as many targeted followers as possible, give them a chance to follow you and then unfollow the ones that don’t.

How do we accomplish this method as fast as possible because you don’t want to spend your whole day marketing twitter. First and foremost you need to have positive, viral, great, catchy, interesting, informative tweets AND images as your recent activity. Avoid a bunch of retweets. Your profile should have a good image and cover image that reflect what your account is all about. A clear and concise profile info page with website and location. These aren’t all required depending on your niche and what you plan to accomplish with your twitter marketing strategy but its a good benchmark. Remember the new people you follow will take a quick look at your account to see if you are worth following initially. Your content, interactions and tweets will keep them following for the long haul.

Now comes the part that takes some thought on your part. Finding targeted followers. The first thing we need to do is find accounts that actively follow people. What is the sense of following people who don’t follow many. The second is we need to find people that are active recently on their accounts. When you follow someone if they aren’t active they won’t see you followed them to follow you back. The third is we need to find people that are interested in what we are tweeting about, whether its our company, viral content, blog posts or whatever else you want seen. There is a place to find all of these at once. Let’s say you are a new restaurant in Cleveland. Who are your targeted twitter followers? Easy. Find other restaurants in the Cleveland area on twitter, go to their followers and start following the most recent ones. Next since you are location based search Cleveland and you will see top accounts in the area. Find ones with a lot of followers, news papers and stations, actual city accounts, mayors accounts etc. The possibilities are endless as long as they have a lot of followers. Now follow some of their recent followers. They are listed newest to oldest, newest at the top. Let’s take a blog you want to get exposure for. Easy again. Say you blog about fashion. Find fashion twitter accounts or even better other fashion blogger’s twitter accounts in this niche. All of their followers are right there, all you have to do is follow them. These are active users, who follow others and they are interested in what you have to offer. This method accomplishes our 3 goals, finding active accounts, and targeting the people in your niche/area.

A couple of things to remember, if you follow too many people in a day (twitters limit is 1000) they may lock your account or mark it as spam. Even if you are below 1000 in a day sometimes they lock your account and you must reset your password, or they won’t let you follow any more that day. We try to do about 200-300 a day. Do Not use any automated follow or unfollow tools as you don’t want all your hard work, and account deleted, killed by spam. Some of the software sends out automated messages that people ignore, mark as spam and unfollow. We will teach you how to automate your account without looking like its automated. The second thing We try to do is as your going through your lists of other accounts followers avoid accounts with no picture, if they don’t take the time to upload a picture they are probably spam or won’t be active on twitter. The second is avoid following accounts that are too foreign for your niche. Some accounts are in all foreign languages. The third thing to watch out for is accounts that have to do with “follow” all they do is follow and unfollow accounts with no targeting in mind. It wastes your valuable follows. Why do we say that? You only get to follow 2000 accounts. Or if you have more than 2000 followers you can follow within 10% of that. We have close to  10000 followers so we can follow 110% so 11000. This part is the most time consuming and takes the most thought but when you do your first batch of followers and see how many follow you back, primarily how many people you actually want following you, its worth it. When we do our 200-300 a day we use a few perfect accounts and takes about 5-10 minutes a day.

Ok so you have hit your limit of 2000 now what? If you have ever tried to unfollow people on twitter on a pc its difficult and time consuming, especially if you are unfollowing people that don’t follow you. It’s 100 times easier on your phone or tablet. Both android and iOS have a great FREE app that does this amazingly fast for you. Here is the iOS version that is amazing with the built in twitter integration iOS devices have. Here is the android app. There is a popular justunfollow app for both operating systems and PC but I’ve gotten so many automated messages and interactions from this service that I unfollow and mark as spam immediately. The 2 apps on your phone allow you to unfollow all the people that don’t follow you back without any footprint that you are automating this service.

So spend a few minutes a day following targeted followers, when you hit your limit give your account a day or two so that late followers can follow you. Then unfollow all the accounts that don’t follow you. CAUTION you will unfollow all the popular accounts you have followed that don’t follow you. Next tutorial we are going to give you ways to automate your twitter marketing without seeming like you are automating it. If you need some help thinking of accounts to follow just contact us with a few details about your business and we will give you a few account ideas to “steal” followers from. Happy following.