Minneapolis Web Design The question that no one wants to ask, but everyone wants to know. The range for a simple site can run from $100 to $20000, a large site can run from $500  to $100,000 depending on who builds it and how much overhead a Minneapolis web design company has. A website is pretty… Read More

Minneapolis Web Design Quote Website prices have quite a range depending on a number of variables. It’s impossible to accurately predict the amount of time is takes to produce a website project. In order to accurately give you a pinpoint quote we need a number of questions answered. Luckily we at Elite Wolf Digital Minneapolis… Read More

Tips from Elite Wolf Digital – Minneapolis Within the past couple of years as I scour through clients analytics and come across unwarranted and unwanted visits from spam bots. At first my clients notice the boost in traffic and think its a good thing. I have to tell them that it’s just crawlers used for… Read More

Twitter Marketing – Elite Wolf Digital – Minneapolis If you followed the guidelines in parts 1 and 2 you should have a decent following and a good tweeting plan in place. Now you need to have a way to relate to your followers so that your account doesn’t seem too automated. Of course people will realize… Read More

SEO Services Minneapolis – Elite Wolf Digital One of the most common questions we receive from our potential clients is how much do your SEO services cost? We kind of estimated what it would take for a campaign with a company taking into account all of their desired services and tried to put together ala… Read More

Twitter Marketing – Elite Wolf Digital – Minneapolis   The second part of our series on twitter marketing deals with tweeting. Twitter is unique in the fact that you can tweet as much as you want, within reason, and keep your followers entertained. Google +, Facebook and Linkedin also are short message social media services… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing Part 1 Getting 1000’s of targeted followers We have decided to help our customers and followers with our tried and true method to twitter marketing. Now I know that this guide may be outdated in a few years or months but it will help you right now. There are… Read More

Why small businesses fail   I read an article at Forbes that listed 5 reasons why 8 out of 10 small businesses fail within the first 18 months. If you want to read the article it is here. I’m just going to summarize the 5 reasons and give you a reason to think about your… Read More

Installing, activating and using plugins   This is the next article in the series Getting started with WordPress. At this point you have installed themes and widgets so this should be easy for you. Once you have found the plug ins you like there are again 2 ways to install them. There are quite a… Read More

Page Structure and Widgets Now it is time to set up your pages so that when you start adding content in the forms of text, pictures and widgets they are in the correct places you want them. Depending on your theme hopefully it has the options to adjust your sidebars and content not only on… Read More

Menus and Headers Lets get started with the menus, go to appearance>menus and click create a new menu. Give you menu a name and click create menu. It gives you 2 options, menu structure and menu settings. First structure will be how your menu is set up, add a few items from the left, Pages,… Read More

WordPress- Advanced theme customization Going through the 20 or more wordpress sites that I have done recently, the most common way to get to the advanced theme options is appearance>(your theme name)  options. This is usually right under appearance>menus. A couple of the themes instead have the name of the theme right in your admin… Read More

WordPress Theme Customization You should have your theme installed and are ready to customize it to the options you want. The reason you picked out the theme you wanted is because it looked great in the picture or demo before you installed it, now you are wondering why it doesn’t look like that. You have… Read More

Install your WordPress Theme Welcome back, last article I wanted you to find a theme you like so that way we can learn to install it. There are 3 ways to install a theme: 1. Manually through your FTP client into your hosting account file manager. Obviously if you are reading these tutorials this method… Read More

Admin Panel When you created the wordpress install you were given a username and password. In order to access the log in screen all you have to do it type /wp-admin after your URL. For example your site name is www.yoursite.com just add that after for www.yoursite.com/wp-admin in your URL bar and go(or enter). If… Read More

Set up your domain and hosting In order for a self hosted WordPress site to work you need 2 things: 1. A domain name, this is your URL www.mysite.com. 2. Hosting, this is where all the files and information is stored on remote servers that are available 24/7, so that whenever someone types in your… Read More