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The question that no one wants to ask, but everyone wants to know. The range for a simple site can run from $100 to $20000, a large site can run from $500  to $100,000 depending on who builds it and how much overhead a Minneapolis web design company has.

A website is pretty much all labor. Unless there are plug ins for the case of a content management system such as WordPress that need to be purchased. In the case of a one man shop or freelancer, his or her overhead might be their internet connection and cost of their laptop. For an agency it includes the graphic designer’s salary, the front end web developer’s salary, the back end web developers salary, the project managers salary, the owners cut, the building and utility fees. Depending on how big the firm, you may have to include administration costs, advertising and marketing budgets.

Web Design Quality

What’s the difference in quality? Sometimes not much. Sometimes the freelancer has more experience and a better graphic eye than most companies. If the project is bigger and more complex, the agency probably has a more diverse portfolio of expertise from all their employees.

Customer Service

What about the service? The agency can feel like  an assembly line sometimes as your project gets built, and depending on your point of contact you may have a great support staff, or a poor one. The freelancer or small agency can relate with their clients and give them 24/7 attention, as this is their lifeblood. They can also disappear from the face of the earth during or after the project. Since they have no permanent ties, it’s a lot more likely to happen, than a big shop disappearing.

So what about all the companies in between? There are small shops with talented employees and big agencies that have terrible talent or are poorly run. A big key is listening to the customer and delivering their wishes, while maintaining the right moving parts to make it function as expected.

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