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Have you ever had an inkling to find out exactly how much a website costs? There are a lot of variable when it comes to building a website. The bulk of the costs can be estimated into about 8 questions.

We developed a way for you, the potential customer, to find out what a website should cost with these 8 questions. It can’t replace a real quote, as it could vary a little either way, depending on other factors that couldn’t be built into the estimator.

Let’s Go

Ok before you jump into answering the questions and getting your instant quote, I am going to explain a little about how the costs are estimated into these 8 questions. Of course you can always just jump right to the quote tool if you are impatient, but if you are truly interested in what you would be paying for, read on.

The Questions

  1. Do you have an existing website? With the options of no, yes – use existing content, and yes- but I want an overhaul. This will start with how we approach building your site. If you don’t have a website, more time is put into coming up with a general theme and design. Creativity takes time, and it’s hard to get a feel for what a client wants right off the bat. We do a very good job at quickly adjusting to a clients wishes with a few feedback questions. If you already have a site and want to use existing content, then we already have copy and some images to put towards building the pages with a new look and feel. If you want an overhaul, we are in the same boat as not having a site, but from the previous site we can get more of a feel on what the client liked and didn’t like about it
  2. Do you need a logo and branding? You may be surprised at how many existing businesses have just a text logo, or something that really needs help. They may not have a set color scheme yet either. If you already have a logo and branding, it will set the tone on how the websites overall feel comes together. If we need to come up with these items, which we are very successful at, then additional time is needed. Logo’s will be used everywhere, so getting it right takes quite a few revisions until it’s perfect.
  3. Will you need to sell products from your site? Storefronts, or e-commerce as we call them, take more setup because of all the behind the scenes things that need to go into the framework. Items need to be built to be able to be sold just like they are on E-bay or Amazon. This includes shipping, taxes, price variation, coupons and setting up the payment portals. Additional costs for add-ons to make selling intricate items may be needed, or elegant payment solutions and multi level shipping costs increase development time.
  4. How many pages are needed? Not including blog or product pages. Each main page of the site will need to be set up to accurately relay the message desired. Whether it’s a contact page, homepage or services page. They need to be able to not only look good, but drive the website visitor to exactly what you want them to do. Easy to see call to actions, and properly laid out content flow. If all new copy and images are needed this takes more time as well.
  5. Will you need a blog? Blogs are separate because they essentially use the same framework to display each article. But that framework needs to be set up properly to allow categorization and the ability for the blog to be display as excerpts or full articles in the appropriate places on the site. Google loves fresh new content, and this is something that is recommended.
  6. Do you need a log in area? Websites are used for all types of business applications, including supplying areas that customers or employees need to access that aren’t available to the general public. This could be password protected pages, or unique user ID’s and passwords. The framework behind the log in area also needs to be built, so that the admin can put the content in.
  7. Do you need hosting? Often overlooked, and also a cost that can’t be avoided, is hosting. In order for your website to be accessible 24/7 the website files need to live in a server that is always on. Depending on how much traffic you get, the general website with low to average traffic can be hosted for $10/month. Some hosts will give a first year introductory rate, but end up at around this cost. We have our own servers that we lease, that way we have the ability to quickly and easily access site files in case of emergency outages or code errors. Your site will always be delivered free of defects, but framework code often becomes deprecated, and sometimes site files become outdated. If you are on our hosting servers, we take care of these all hours of the day and night.
  8. Do you need initial SEO set up? A website will come with the copy you approve, but it may not be set up exactly with the current SEO strategy that the Google algorithm favors. We are experts at structuring the content so Google knows what your site is all about. If you also need a local option, there is a strategy that will help your site compete locally for business listings. These should be set up from the get go, so that your site can immediately start getting the SEO traction it needs. We also offer monthly plans that continue the on-page and off-page factors that need to be continuously injected into a Search Engine Optimization strategy to be effective.

Get Your Quote

If you are ready to see your instant quote with these easy 8 questions, then click on the button below. The results will be instantly displayed on the screen and you will also be emailed the results. Again this is a very close estimate, but other factors can raise or drop the final price. All quotes are also given up front, and will be what we charge.