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One of the most common questions we receive from our potential clients is how much do your SEO services cost? We kind of estimated what it would take for a campaign with a company taking into account all of their desired services and tried to put together ala carte pricing.

We have overhauled our pricing system to encourage more services for one overall discounted price, from the total of all the parts. When you are dealing with SEO all of your web design, social media, link building, analytics, email campaigns, content creation and inbound marketing all work together seamlessly to increase traffic and improve search engine ranking.

Lets take some examples of each, to show you how they all work together:

  • Web design- Google gives credit to mobile ready. Your site needs to be responsive on all devices both for ranking purposes as well as your user experience. On-site content needs to be in proper hierarchy to achieve nice keyword organization. As well as headers working with content to create the right type of message to your users, as well as google search bots. A visitor decides in seconds whether they want to stay on your site or not. You need a fast loading, aesthetically pleasing, attention grabbing, informative site that will help those with short attention spans find what they want. 68% of visitors decided if they want to stay on your site by looks alone. An outdated, unresponsive and poorly laid out site and message will drive them away quickly. This is also your chance to show your branding, colors, logos and sayings that will hopefully stick on their tongue when they think of your niche.
  • Social media needs to utilized for branding, feedback and inbound marketing. There is no sense in even using your time posting or tweeting unless you have a following to see it. Our strategies involve getting you targeted followers and fans so that when you have something to say about your business people are listening. There are also general standards and protocols about what to post and when. The following and brand recognition is permanent, as well as setting up targeted automated feeds that will keep your users interested.
  • Link building is still the backbone of search ranking signals. There are plenty of opportunities to get links that google approves of out there, and we know where they are. The more trusted sites that recognize your brand and site, the better your rankings are. With good blogging and content creating as well as a big following, your fans do the linking for you. If you give them something they like they will share, like and follow which helps spread the word to other potential fans and link opportunities.
  • Another ranking signal is visitor behavior. If they stay on your site longer, and view more pages with less “bounces”, google rewards you. If your visitors leave quickly, your rankings drop. We analyze your analytics to see where your visitors are coming from, what they are doing and what can be done to change negative behavior. This also helps your conversion rates if we an adjust your site to keep your potential customers longer and guide them to your ultimate goal, whatever that is.
  • Email lists can be the backbone of your companies sales. We have worked with all types of email services from mail chimp to infusionsoft and constant contact, we know how to get beautifully crafted emails to your lists, and follow up with how they respond to those emails. Funneling your list based on if they open and click, and trying to make those who just delete those boring subject lines open the next email to get them back in your favor. We also help with strategically places opt in forms that build your list.
  • Content creating serves the purpose of educating and entertaining your fans and potential customers, but it also helps your search rankings. Properly created content will help google index more search terms and phrases that people are searching for. In turn helping your site rank for everything just outside of your targeted keywords. Every website should have a blog, one that posts on a regular basis and one that has a lot of content.
  • Inbound marketing helps drive visitors to your site from avenues that you may never even have heard of. These people can become your next follower, fan, referrer or potentially your next customer. The internet works on volume. If you are spending all your time trying to cater to that perfect visitor you are wasting valuable time, money and resources. You set your site up to catch that visitor you want, and funnel them to your goal, but the more visitors that you can drive to your site, the better your odds are of getting those perfect customers.
  • We also help with things like Pay Per Click, which if maintained and adjusted properly can reap huge benefits.

The great thing about our services is that they are permanent. All of the branding and word of mouth we generate sticks. Our automated campaigns for certain aspects of your marketing remain intact even after our contract ends. The search engine ranking you achieve usually lasts for a few months after all parts are put into place and no more effort is put in. We give you clear instructions on how to maintain your campaigns if you choose not to renew our contract. All of the targeted fans and followers we build for you, will still be there, waiting for your next post or tweet.

Hire an experienced SEO specialist in Minneapolis

We do require a 6 month or 1 year contract, as we put a lot of work into building these campaigns and need time for results to grow. You will see immediate increases in some aspect of your campaigns, others take some time to test and retest and get it just right.

How we can charge a flat fee depending on business size is that we determine on what aspect the manpower needs to be spent to maximize profitability. If one avenue isn’t working we fix it, or allocate more time to the ones that are working. All campaigns are different and need to be treated as such. We do however review the impact we have had on your business after the contract period is up and decided to renew at a rate adjusted to the increase or decrease in business or choose not to renew. Again, all effects are permanent, so the money you spent keeps working for months if not years after our agreement has ended. Other things that we take into account, is we will give discounts for creating your own blog posts, taking over some of the social media accounts(with our guided supervision if wanted).  Additional charges may apply if you need a paid service such as Constant Contact or Infusionsoft. Google and Facebook pay per click advertising is included, but only managing of the accounts. Any charges for the actual clicks are your responsibility. We do offer discounted hosting for contracted campaigns, as well as email accounts and domain registry. Graphic and web design are budgeted for creating and 2 changes beyond what is agreed upon. Extra charges will apply to more redesigns. Discounts will also apply to using your own graphics that you supply.

So now for the pricing:

Packages start at $500/month for small local businesses. $750/month for small national or world wide businesses.

$1000/month for large local businesses. $1500/month for large national or world wide businesses.

All plans include a monthly report on progress. 6 month contracts include some website alterations. Prices vary depending on the competitiveness of the market and the intended reach.

12 month contracts include free site redesign if 6 months is paid upfront.

All website alterations outside of the agreed upon scope is charged at $50/hr.

Most changes are completed same day, no later than 48 hours unless major fixes are needed.

Most contract renegotiations are based on traffic/sales increases. If you do 10% more sales during the contract period, the new contract would reflect a 10% increase.

If you have any questions, or would like to get started on a plan,  feel free to contact us today.