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If you followed the guidelines in parts 1 and 2 you should have a decent following and a good tweeting plan in place. Now you need to have a way to relate to your followers so that your account doesn’t seem too automated. Of course people will realize you personally aren’t tweeting everything and eventually if you don’t do anything personally you may lose quality followers.

I know I talked about bulk, but there are quality followers. These are people that pay attention to most of your tweets and interact with some. These people are that can help create that “viral” effect that everyone has heard of. These people may never become customers, but they really appreciate the information that you are giving freely to the world. With a retweet, mention or favorite they are essentially advertising for you. If you ignore these people you may lose your quality followers.

If you are building a big following by following people yourself, you will notice that your timeline is extremely cluttered with tweets from others. It’s almost impossible to continuously monitor them all. Twitter has an amazing feature called lists. If you click on your profile and lists you can see which lists you are a member of, these are other twitter users that included you on their list. This is also where you can make lists to keep track of the people that you should be interacting with.

Create a list and title it something with a great name like “awesome twitter followers” or “{your niche} influencers”, make sure its public, unless you are creating a list to just interact with and don’t want them to know. Now go through your notifications and look for accounts that retweet and mention you. Start adding these people to your list. This is great because now they see that you, as a twitter influencer, have taken the time to add them to a list.

Next you want to view just that lists timeline. Go through and retweet valuable tweets from these people. Answer questions if they are asking some. Mention them and favorite good tweets. All this interaction promotes them to not only keep following you, but to interact MORE with what you are tweeting, essentially advertising for you, helping grow your following.

As your list grows, partition it down to different different categories so that each list is manageable when you go through each a few times a week for a few minutes and interact with these people you have hand selected.

Another way to interact and possibly find some new clients it to target people asking specific questions on twitter. One query we use quite a bit is “need website help”. We put that phrase in Twitter’s search feature, click enter, and then select all tweets instead of top tweets. If your search is too broad you can refine it, or you can also click on the left “near you” on desktop to get tweets near you. On your device there is a filter in the search bar to limit it to local tweets. Once you have found a good list of tweets that people are asking or talking about, reply to those tweets with the knowledge you have that can help them. Ideally it will be something that can immediately answer their question and you might get a nice mention or a new follower. The best result is you have found a new client that likes the fact that you took the time out of your day answer their question. Often times they realize you really know what your talking about, and will turn to you with paid work when they have another problem.

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If you are a local business you should find tweets from people in your area, and just replying to people might be enough to get them to check you out. Just filter to local tweets and talk to people.

This guide will always be ever changing as the ways people interact with twitter change as well as new features that twitter introduces can be utilized. So now if you have followed all 3 parts of this series you should 1. have acquired followers, and continuously acquire new followers. 2. Have a great content strategy set up that your new followers can interact with. 3. Find ways to interact with people on twitter so your account will continue to be an influencer. All of this in just a few minutes a day. How else can you get FREE brand recognition and advertising for just a few minutes a day? The ROI should be immense as you are only spending time.

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If you have any good ways to do these things please comment below. If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact us!