Web Design

The website has taken the place of many facets of the business world. It is your business card, simply tell someone to check out your website or for most of society, they quickly look up what your business does. It has taken the place of sales sheets, brochures and presentations. Properly prepared and presented, you can direct your leads to a certain area of your site, and they can look at their leisure with no interaction or meeting times needed.



Your website can be your lead generation tool. Sending your traffic to customized landing pages that are geared towards capturing information or making sales, can help you funnel 100’s if not 1000’s of leads and sales. It has become an addition to your brick and mortar store, or even your entire store. Where else can shoppers research and buy your products 24/7.

Point of Contact

Your website is now listed in the Yellow Pages (Google Search) for free. Your contact information, map and any information someone would need to find or contact you is at their fingertips. You can feature your employees, yourself, your building or any other parts of your business that need clarification or showcasing.



Your content can help many or attract visitors. Providing more information about you and your business can help answer questions for potential customers. You can show off your knowledge and expertise in a number of areas with informative content or how to guides. People love consuming content, Google loves ranking great sites with great content. It’s a win win if done properly.


You can have live chat on your site, taking the place of call centers. You can have ticketing systems for issues or bugs. You can have people book appointments, visits, classes or anything else that you can do on the phone or in your shop. The best part is that it can all be coordinated with whatever software you are using.

Hire a Professional

You see all these commercials for inexpensive website builders and I bet your cousin knows a guy who builds sites cheap. The old motto, “You get what you pay for” has been applied to many of the sites that we have had to redo, fix or completely restore from shambles. With the importance your site will have based on the features listed above, as well as many more, let us handle your professional design, professional development and experience in all areas of your digital presence. Our motto is “Agency style results, at freelance prices”.

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