Set up your domain and hosting

In order for a self hosted WordPress site to work you need 2 things: 1. A domain name, this is your URL 2. Hosting, this is where all the files and information is stored on remote servers that are available 24/7, so that whenever someone types in your Domain name it is directed to the hosting server so that it can be displayed. I recommend that you use the same company that you buy the URL from to buy the hosting from, it makes sense so that they can communicate smoothly and things are already connected. Typically domain names run from $12-17 a year(must be bought by the year) and hosting runs from $4-7 a month(can be bought monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly). I prefer GoDaddy because they usually give you a pretty good starter deal (free domain with hosting purchase or half off your entire order), and when it comes time to renew at new prices they email you discount codes and coupons. If you start your order through this link it will automatically give you the best discount depending on the order total. Host Gator is also reasonably priced and has very good reliability. Once you have clicked on either link you are going to need to find a domain name that is available.

Be Where your Customers are $1.99 / mo hosting for 12 months!

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Once you have clicked on either link it will take you right to the site to get started, the discounts will be added automatically at check out. The video is for Go Daddy and everything will be very similar. We are available for email or phone support for any part of this process.

It may seem overwhelming to someone who is technologically challenged, and if it is go ahead and contact us and we can help you. In the next chapter we will begin with wordpress admin area, remember to write down your user name and password. It was also sent to you in the admin email.