Twitter Marketing – Elite Wolf Digital – Minneapolis


The second part of our series on twitter marketing deals with tweeting. Twitter is unique in the fact that you can tweet as much as you want, within reason, and keep your followers entertained. Google +, Facebook and Linkedin also are short message social media services like twitter, but sending out too many posts on those might irritate your following. If you followed our first guide you should have a few 1000 followers now. In order to keep them entertained and retweeting to help you get more followers, you need a steady stream of useful information pertaining to your niche.

Obviously the first and most direct way to tweet is to do with through your account on your device or computer. The ideal amount of tweets per day to get the most engagement is 4-5 tweets.
Although 4-5 times a day is a good start, 10-20 lets you spread your content throughout the day and get your followers that are on different schedules and in different countries following and interacting with your content at their peak times.

How am I supposed to be able to access my computer or device, much less remember to tweet at different times? That’s where automation comes in. The first software that everyone who uses twitter as a marketing tool should have is Hootsuite. Here you can schedule all your tweets at different times and different days. As many as you want. You can sometimes schedule all of your weeks or months tweets spaced out nicely at the times you want in one session. You can also set a few tweets up in templates and just use those templates so you don’t have to type them all again, or copy and paste over and over.

The second must have tool is twitterfeed. Unless you have a dedicated team of marketing writers, you will not be able to put out immense amounts of content for your followers. Twitterfeed allows you to tweet any articles from any website that has an RSS feed. Twitterfeed searches the feeds that you have set up and all new articles will be tweeted on your timeline. I will use Elite Wolf Digital as an example. We have set up RSS Feeds to tweets from places like Creative Bloq(a web design magazine) , Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines(for my business followers) and Tuts(one of the best web tutorial sites on the internet). The reason I have set these particular feeds is that it should give our broad range of followers something to ingest and retweet from our feed. It’s not our content, and the article writers appreciate the traffic generated though your feed. The instructions are a little technical but once you have set up your first feed you can track clicks for articles to see what kind of engagement your timeline is getting. You can also use this to tweet your own articles from your website to your twitter feed, its not as good as the next option that I will talk about.

There is a rule that you should feed your followers between 80-90% informative tweets and 10-20% sales or business type tweets. If you spam them too much trying to sell your services you will turn them off, plain and simple, and lose followers. In order to “sell” your customers your services you need to inject your business offerings at regular intervals between the select number of informative tweets from twitterfeed and hootsuite. One way is to add them to your hootsuite schedule and the second way is thought an auto retweeter though your content management system. If you have a blog, and you should, its most likely hosted on your website though wordpress or something similar. There are plugins like evergreen post tweeter and tweet old posts that will tweet old posts on a regular basis. What that means is they send out your old, still relevant, articles to your followers. You can set up which types of posts to keep tweeting,  if they are still valuable to your followers. Exclude the ones that are not. Then just schedule the posts in a good ratio to the number of informative tweets that are going out on a regular basis. If you have 10 going out a day, schedule one or 2 old posts.  Also if you are still building your following, which should never stop, the new followers haven’t read your older articles and this gives them a chance to be introduced to your companies offerings.

There are a few other tools to do the same thing but I like these 3 ways, and the best part is they are all free. They keep your feed updated with fresh tweets and keep your followers interested and engaged. Make sure you tweet here and there as well to new trends or to just not appear automated. Next article I will go over ways to interact with your followers and how to find potential customers on twitter.